Why Us

Ability to produce 25000 units per month.

Our Strength

Management:- Professionally managed company with a keen focus on service, quality & timely delivery.

  • Employs more than 50 people including highly skilled workers, in house designers, merchandisers, store manager, Quality Controllers.
  • More than 20,000 Sq.Ft. of factory area.
  • Situated in the hub of export locality which helps us to procure raw material conveniently.
  • Only 15mins driveway from Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Machinery:  Imported & High quality stitching, Over lock, Fabric Layer Cutting, Fabric Checking Table, Tumble Drier, Hydro, Steam Iron etc to produce high quality Garments. 3 phase power supply and generator set to maintain uninterrupted production.

Quality Control: Well experienced quality assurance who ensure consistent high quality right from sourcing of material stage, through the production and finally in the finishing and packing stages.

Production Highlightes

In House Designing:  Experienced designer, innovative designs as per latest trends and concepts.

Merchandising :  Merchandising teams with expertise in executing Fit, PP, Size set, TOP Samples including day by day follow up with production team to ensure timely delivery.

Technology : ERP software to control production schedules with strong in house manufacturing capabilities.

Quality Check : Qualified internal Quality auditors are working at all stages from sourcing materials, production and final finishing. Especially strict inspection before shipment. In house quality and testing methods used for fabric inspection, color matching & color fastness etc.

To save time and ensure quality output, the factory is equipped with large cutting tables, on eight inch Eastman (blue streak) cutting machine, and o Band Knife Machine. These sections are manned by senior pattern cum cutting masters.